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Custom Boat Fitouts & Boat Re-Fits

Barji Marine specialises in premium installations of high-end marine electronics, boat rewiring and complete tournament ready or recreational fishing marine fitouts. 

Head Units

Multifunction & Standalone

We will ensure your new head unit is professionally installed into your boat. Full consideration is given to the positioning of the head unit(s) to ensure full practicality to the owner / user. 

Battery Systems

Comprehensive Power Management

Marine power management systems play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of maritime operations. These systems are instrumental in optimizing the distribution and consumption of electrical power on ships, providing a reliable and stable power supply for various onboard systems. Efficient power management enhances vessel performance, reduces fuel consumption, and minimizes environmental impact by optimizing energy usage.


Radome & Open Array

Seeing is believing! Adding a radar to your sport fishing boat ensures nothing goes unseen, day or night. Custom installation, setup & client on-water walkthrough available


Single and twin outboard installations. Barji Marine can integrate autopilots to your offshore fishing boat


Transom Mount

Through Hull, In-Hull

It’s equally important to ensure your transducer is correctly positioned and installed. Barji Marine offers customised installation of most types and brands of transducers. With real world offshore fishing experience, we understand the importance of a correctly-installed transducer.

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