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CNC Machining &

Laser Engraving


Need traffolyte labels, custom gaskets, cardboard cut-outs, cake toppers, engraved logos into timber, acrylic or metal? We can do it!  

Additionally, Barji Marine offers in-house customised CAD-CAM & CNC services. CNC routers offer customisation beyond the capabilities of the standard DIY installer. Boats, Caravans, Buses, R.V's, Arts & Crafts everyone has need for some CNC!


Acrylics, king starboard, boat board, timbers, foams, rubber, composites and aluminium can all be machined in-house. Simply provide a rough sketch via email, text or WhatsApp for an on-the-spot estimate.


Our in-house CAD-CAM services can bring your vision into reality quickly and efficiently in either 2D or 3D. Already got a design, no problem, email us your .DXF or .STEP files and we will take it from there! 


CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements!

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